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"More Fog, Please" -- 31 Years Directing Community and High School Musicals

. . . is exactly that, memories of over thirty of the eighty musical theater shows Susan Moore Jordan directed from 1984 to 2015. At one time #1 in Amazon's "Theater Direction and Production" category, and Jordan's best-selling book.

“There’s no question where the buck stops in a theater production,” Jordan says, but she adds, “There are many people mentioned in these pages, because none of these shows could have happened without them.”


Each chapter begins with the “Director’s Note” that appeared in the printed program for the show, and Jordan informally discusses the productions. She highlights the events – some exciting, some stressful, some humorous, some anxious, some frightening, some sad – that confirmed the old saying “the show must go on.” Woven throughout the book are “adventures” with stage fog, which the author loved to use.


An intriguing look into the world of amateur theater and the people who make it happen, from one director’s point of view.



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