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Cincinnati, October 1918--


As the Spanish influenza rages around the world, a body is buried behind a residence in an upscale neighborhood and concealed from discovery. What a perfect time to hide a crime--


Cincinnati, October 1965--


Fritz, the irrepressible six-month-old puppy belonging to Professor of Music Augusta McKee and her husband of six months, Homicide Detective Malcolm Mitchell, digs up a human bone in a neighbor’s yard where a flagstone patio is being replaced. An investigation quickly determines a body was buried there forty-seven years earlier—in 1918. Who was the victim? Who was the killer? Malcolm, with Augusta’s help, tracks down the decades-old clues to a crime of passion. Is it possible a case that old, that cold, could still be solved? Meanwhile, Malcolm is nearing the end of the investigation of a more recent crime, the murder of a young Cincinnati patrolman four years ago, in 1961. The police are convinced they know the identity of the killer, but they have a deadline to meet. Will they be able to prove it before the case goes cold? Will either of these victims receive justice?

Cover and Art by Taylor Van Kooten

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