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Photo by Amy Rau

Music-the most powerful force in the universe.


My life has always been filled with music. I grew up in a home where recordings of classical music were played frequently; where my father, an engineer by profession, taught private trumpet lessons and gave me my first piano lessons. Dance lessons followed, then voice lessons, and eventually I had the good fortune to attend the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.  The music in my life has continued with my voice students and the productions of musical theater I’ve directed.


Most recently, as I’ve crossed the thresholds of youth to adulthood (whatever that is) to what I choose to call “advanced youth” (a phrase coined by a good friend), I found the inspiration and dedication to begin to write about the power of music in the lives of the characters in my books. In some ways, writing has been the most satisfying experience with music I have ever had.


Thank you for visiting my web site, and enjoy your time here! And always listen to beautiful music whenever you have a chance – it will enrich your life as nothing else can.

The characters of the stubborn, lovable, brilliant Eli and the wistful, loving Krissy are beautifully drawn

and the music descriptions are expertly wrought by a writer/musician. - Michaele B.

Jordan’s ability to convey the subtleties of classical violin and piano, as well as contemporary guitar,

is nothing short of masterful. - Nathaniel T.

Art and music and how they help keep folks alive by keeping life worth living seep throughout

the book, as with all of the author's work. - Eric M.

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